Teen Reading Challenge

Teen Reading Challenges


The Teen Department loves to read and we hope you do too!  We all know reading makes you smarter, and who doesn't want to be smarter?  Because we want you to smart, and because we love reading for fun, and most especially because we like to reward our readers with Teen-approved swag prizes, the St. Tammany Parish Library offers three Reading Challenges for Teens ages 12 - 18, or in 7th - 12th grade:

  1. The annual Summer Reading Challenge (May - July)
  2. The annual Winter Reading Challenge (Dec - Jan), and coming soon,
  3. The year-round 100 Books for Graduation Challenge.

All three challenges are logged in using Beanstack, our online tracker.  For more information, click on each challenge!

Happy Reading!  The Teen Department

Teen Reading Challenges

Teen Summer Reading Challenge

Visit the Teen Reading Challenge page for details

Teen Winter Reading Challenge

Coming December 2023!

100 Books Before Graduation

Check out the latest reading challenge coming for TEENtober - just for teens!
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