Back to School: Picture Book Edition

Summer vacation ends soon and the first day of school approaches fast. If you have kids attending school for the first time or nervous about returning to school, we have the perfect books on the subject.


First Day, Hooray!

Ivy is starting her first day of school soon and she's concerned. She has a dream where everything goes wrong! However, things don't turn out as she fears and she ends up liking her first day of school.


School's First Day of School

A newly built school building has worries about his own first day of school. What if the students don't like him? Once the day begins, the school has many good experiences along with the students. He realizes there was no reason to worry. The building and the students enjoy the first day, and are ready for the next one!


Miss Nelson Is Missing!

Miss Nelson teaches a class of rowdy, misbehaving children. One day, there is a sub- the mean and strict Miss Viola Swamp! The children regret their behavior and wish they could have Miss Nelson back, but things aren't as bad as they seem.


Slippers at School

Laura goes to school not knowing her dog Slippers is stowed away in her backpack. Slippers gets out and explores the school grounds while remaining mostly unseen. Luckily, he stows away again to get back home!


Timothy Goes to School

Timothy is feeling like he doesn't belong at school until he makes a new friend and starts having fun. 

The Slidell branch offers an "Off to School" story time on August 7th. Come for stories, songs, and a chance to get on a real school bus! This is great for young children beginning school and riding a school bus for the first time. Check with your local branch for other children's events.

We have several online databases for help with school work at the library. Homework Louisiana is a wonderful resource for kindergarten all the way through adult education. It also offers online tutoring. Older children may also find Gale and JSTOR helpful, they are fantastic for finding scholarly articles and primary sources. We also have an online business resource center.