Celebrate Your Culture With Books!

Mardi Gras season is here! Celebrate your local Mardi Gras heritage with these picture books! 

Dinosaur Mardi Gras

This book is excellent for younger kids. The story is told in rhyme and repeats, so it's fun to read out loud. Kids will be drawn to it because there are dinosaurs! The illustrations are captivating and colorful, and there are extras in the back of the book (keyword definitions and a craft)!

Happy Mardi Gras

This book shows how Mardi Gras fits into the Spring season. It's told in rhyme, and has facts about Mardi Gras at the end. The illustrations are all cute paintings with smiling faces.

On Mardi Gras Day

The author draws from her own childhood experiences to tell us about what Mardi Gras day was like when she was a kid in her neighborhood. The last page has an overview of the holiday, and the people in the pages look so real!

Jenny Giraffe's Mardi Gras Ride

The local children share their culture with the curious giraffe, Jenny, and welcome her into their Mardi Gras celebrations, which she happily accepts. The illustrations are sweet and colorful!

Timothy Hubble and the King Cake Party

This book is excellent for older kids. Timothy Hubble is new in town and has never heard of king cakes. When he's invited to a king cake party, he doesn't know what to expect and is nervous, but he really enjoys the party! The illustrations are delightful and detailed. Plus, there's a recipe for king cake at the end! 

We have plenty of other Mardi Gras books for kids in fiction and nonfiction, as well as Mardi Gras tunes!

This year, Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 13. Happy Mardi Gras!