Creepy Kids’ Books for Halloween!

Beautiful October is filled with leaves changing colors, smells of pumpkin and spice all around, and soft, cool winds blowing in as the season changes. Autumn is well-loved, and everything that comes with it, especially Halloween! This is the perfect time of year to tell tales, huddle up under a blanket, eat some candy, and read creepy stories! We have some monstrous books you can read by yourself or with a friend!



The School Nurse From the Black Lagoon

A little boy hears some scary rumors about the school nurse and his imagination gets away from him, so when he gets injured and has to go to the nurse's office, he's understandably scared. The school nurse is nothing like he expected. She cures his ailment, and all is well! The little boy learns that she's not so scary after all. We have several other books in the Black Lagoon series.

Wanda's Monster

Wanda is scared of a monster in her closet. Her family investigates, but doesn't find anything. Then, Granny helps Wanda realize that the monster is lonely in the dark, cold closet with nothing to do. This changes Wanda's perspective and she sympathizes with the monster and learns how to deal with her fear. When her cousin Ruthie gets scared of a monster in her closet, Wanda knows just how to help.


Vampirina Ballerina

A little vampire girl wants to take ballet, so she joins a night class. She mentions that if you happen to bring your pet bat to class, it could be distracting to the other dancers. This is written as a how-to book, but the illustrations tell Vampirina's story. It ends with her recital, where she performs well with the other girls. It's tongue in cheek in an understated way. You can also find Vampirina on the Disney Channel.

Excuse Me-- Are You A Witch?

A small cat desires to be a witch's companion and wanders around town, trying to find one. He lucks out when he stumbles upon a whole class of witches at the library. They adopt him and take him back to their witches' school where they can now be together.

The Mystery of Eatum Hall

A goose and pig couple are invited to a weekend of free gourmet food at Eatum Hall. When they get there, they are greeted by a note telling them what to expect, and that there is a surprise at the end of the trip, but they never see their host! The illustrations provide clues on each page to show what these two have gotten themselves into. 

Have a Happy Halloween!