Frankenstein is Still Alive 200 Years Later

In 1816, a group of friends, some of the brightest literary minds of the time, vacationed together in Geneva. One rainy afternoon, the group exchanged ghost stories, prompting one of them to issue a challenge. Lord Byron proposed that they each write a gothic ghost story. It was during this challenge that 18-year old Mary Shelley created the story of man’s triumph over death, as well as all the chaos that would let loose. Less than two years later, on January 1, 1818, the world would meet Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Some experts, including author/editor Brian Aldiss, consider this the first true science fiction story, making Mary Shelley the Mother of Science Fiction. 200 years later, Frankenstein still captures the imagination, inspiring both fiction and nonfiction books today.

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Dr. Frankenstein and his monster are still iconic after 200 years. Check out these titles about Mary Shelley and her famous creature.

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