Kids Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

September is Hispanic Heritage Month! Celebrate the many Latino cultures and read these tesoros! (That means treasures!) Some of these books have both English and Spanish text, so you can read both languages or just one!

Cinco De Mouse-O!

Mouse is entranced by the smells of Mexican food coming from the city park and finds all kinds of exciting things at the celebration. When he determines that the smell of candy is coming from a piñata, he plans his route while trying to escape a cat during the night's festivities.

The Fiesta Dress

Everyone is getting ready for big sister Eva's quinceañera, a special ceremony for 15 year old girls. Lolo feels like no one is paying any attention to her, but she saves the day when the family dog grabs the special sash her sister needs for her dress!


Yum! Mmmm! Qué Rico!

This book focuses on foods originating in the Americas, from corn and tomatoes to chocolate and blueberries. Each page has a special spread on the origin of the food alongside some tasty illustrations, showing the treasures of the land.


Maria Had A Little Llama

Join in a retelling of the classic "Mary Had a Little Lamb," set in the beautiful landscape of Peru. This book really showcases the land, people, and their traditional clothing. 


The Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead celebrations occur annually at the end of October and the beginning of November. Using English and Spanish, this book tells of the traditions of the holiday and invites you to join in.


Amelia's Show-and-tell Fiesta

This book tells the story of a young girl who goes to a new American school and wants to bring something from her country to show and tell. When she wears her fancy Carnival dress to school, no one else is dressed up. At first she thinks she made a mistake, but she then finds that what sets her apart makes her special. 

We hope you enjoy all of these great books and more at any of our library branches!