Kids’ Books About the Library

The best place to find books about the library... is the library! Check out some of these great books!


A Library Book for Bear

Bear has enough books - or so he thinks. He accompanies his friend Mouse to the library, where Mouse teaches him all of the wonders the library has to offer. The animals are very expressive and the story is clever.


Clarence the Copy Cat

Poor Clarence gets kicked out of everywhere that he tries to make into a home. Finally they accept him at the library. Clarence, who's afraid of mice, encounters a mouse when he comes to the library.


That Book Woman

This sweet story is based in truth. The Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky were women who rode on horseback bringing books to children in rural areas. This is just one of those stories, told in a local dialect, and that lends to its authenticity.


The Not So Quiet Library

A boy and his friend go to the library and meet monsters, but the monsters are eating all of the books! The boy and his friend teach the monsters how to use the library and then they all go together to story time.


D.W.'s Library Card

D.W. finally gets her first library card. Her friends say she has to take care of the books - or else! This one is great for learning the rules of the library.


You can get your own library card once you turn five years old with a parent or guardian. Come to the library and get your library card!