Picture Book Spotlight: Chocolate

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we'll be seeing a lot more chocolate around. We have several books that go wonderfully with chocolate, but, like it says in Harold and Chester in Hot Fudge, "They frown on sticky, brown smudges down at the library."


Harold & Chester in Hot Fudge

Harold and Chester (of Bunnicula fame) notice that the fresh-baked, still-cooling fudge on the counter goes missing! It's up to the pets to find out who took it. There's also a fudge recipe in the back of the book, but remember- don't feed real dogs chocolate! Harold is a special pretend dog. 


Oh, Ducky!

In, Oh, Ducky! things get a little crazy at Mr. Peter's chocolate factory! A rubber duck gets stuck! This gives Mr. Peter a great idea for a new line of candy. Kids will love it because it's wacky! It's perfect for younger kids, because it's short and uses easy language.


Blue Frog

Blue Frog is an Aztec legend telling how humans discovered chocolate. Sun God won't share his cacao treats with the world. Wind God thinks this is unfair and turns himself into a blue frog to tell the people where to find his treats. They farm the beans and name them, "cacahuatl." The illustrations are a mix of collage and paint. There's also a recipe at the end for Mexican Hot Cocoa!


Max's Chocolate Chicken

This is also a good book for Easter. Max steals and eats the prize for the Easter egg hunt, much to his sister Ruby's chagrin.


Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake

Betty Bunny's mom says she is a handful. Betty is proud of this fact only because she doesn't know what it means. Her mother wants her to have patience, but Betty would rather have chocolate cake instead. This is a fairly realistic portrayal of family dynamics where there is a young child and cake involved. This is a good book for older kids who can understand Betty's problem. There are also more books in the Betty Bunny series!

Enjoy your chocolate!