Picture Book Spotlight: Pets

May is National Pet Month and we have plenty of books to help celebrate pets!


Mr. Fuzzbuster Knows He's the Favorite

A sweet girl named Lily and a smug cat known as Mr. Fuzzbuster have always been together ever since they were both very young. Now, Lily has more pets, and they all think that they are and hope to be the favorite pet. Poor Mr. Fuzzbuster has a little bit of a crisis when Lily starts saying each pet is her favorite in some way. Mr. Fuzzbuster wants to know if he's the very favorite.

The Birthday Pet

The rhymes and humor in which the story is told explain that Danny wants a turtle for his birthday, but his family has other ideas. The illustrations add to the story with little details that show Danny's love for turtles. 



A little girl gets a sloth as a pet, but what can a sloth do? No one else is impressed, but the girl loves her pet and finds creative and fun ways to play with it. The characters' distinct and realistic personalities shine through the first-person telling with minimal, understated language and illustrations that bring the story to life.

Which Puppy?

When elected, President Obama decides to get a dog for his two daughters. The news spreads quickly, and each dog wonders if they will be chosen. From themselves, the dogs pick the three most suitable pets to send. They go to the White House, but when they get there, they get a surprise!

Excellent Ed

Everyone in Ed Ellis' family is excellent at something, but what about Ed, the dog? At first he thinks nothing about himself is special. Ed himself is very expressive, which helps kids follow along his thought patterns as he tries to come up with his own special talent. The rest of the family lovingly prove that he is special after all.

We at the library offer "Read with a Pup" and "Love on a Leash" events at several of our branches. Please call your local branch for more times and details as they differ by branch. This event is wonderful for kids because therapy dogs are a non-judgemental audience for both kids who struggle with reading aloud and kids who are confident in their reading abilities.