Picture Book Spotlight: Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation is here and with it comes our Summer Reading Challenge! We have some wonderfully fantastic books about vacations that are perfect for reading during our Summer Reading Challenge. So stretch out, kick off your shoes and pick up one of these books!

Sea Rex

This book gives advice on what to bring to and what to do at the beach. Plus, it features dinosaurs! It has a very simple story; so it's perfect for younger kids. There are many things going on in the illustrations to talk about.


If You Ever Want to Bring A Piano to the Beach, Don't!

A smart little girl tells you not to bring a piano to the beach, and all the reasons why not to. The illustrations further illustrate why, and the characters are extremely expressive.


A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever

This is an excellent summer vacation read. James and Eamon go to Nature Camp, spend time with Eamon's grandparents, eat banana waffles and play video games! The story is told in the pictures and speech bubbles that add to the words of the story itself.


The Bathing Costume, Or, The Worst Vacation of My Life

Myron spends a week in the summer with his grandparents and some cousins in the countryside of France. At first, he hates it, but then grows to enjoy it. There are a lot of words; so, this story is best for older children.