Spotlight: Robots and Technology Books for Kids

Our world and its technology is changing at a rapid pace, far more rapid in this day and age than for any generation that came before. Young children in particular adapt to technology really easily. These kids' books celebrate and welcome these changes in technology in our swiftly expanding world.

These are the stories of two majorly influential pioneers in the field of computers. Both Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper were inventive thinkers who imagined what the world could be like instead of how it was. Ada Lovelace wrote the first computer program and Grace Hopper was the first to store pieces of a program she'd written into a machine so it could find, access, and run it. 

The definition of a computer has changed throughout the years from a seemingly simple analytical machine that ran on punch cards to the densely packed smaller devices we carry around with us everyday.

You can learn to code at the library as well!

Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science


Grace Hopper



Boy + Bot

A small boy meets a robot in the woods and they play together. When the robot turns off, the boy tries to console him like he would a fellow child. When the boy is sleeping, the robot thinks he malfunctioned and tries to give him oil and a battery. This is a sweet tale of two unlikely friends who try to help each other the only way each knows how.


Doll-E 1.0

Charlotte has an active imagination and loves to tinker with technology. Her parents get her a traditional doll and she finds ways to play with it on her own terms. When the family dog breaks the doll, Charlotte uses her talents to give her an upgrade!



Clink is an old robot that can't do what the new, fancy robots can. He sits in the store, wondering if anyone will ever buy him and appreciate him for his own talents. One day a boy comes into the store- Clink hopes that he will buy him!


Welcome to your Awesome Robot

This story, told in graphic novel form, comes with instructions for you to make your own robot out of a box! This one is perfect for older kids, especially kids with active imaginations. 

I hope you enjoy these books on technology and robots. We have plenty where that came from!