Teen Blogger Book Review – Twelve Steps to Normal by Farrah Penn

Thank you to Victoria D., our first teen blogger, for her insightful book review.  Tori hails from the East side of the parish, and loves to read, especially romance books.

Twelve Steps to Normal by Farrah Penn

This book is about how Kira, a junior in high school, moves back home to Texas from Oregon. In our story, Kira’s dad is an alcoholic coming home from eight months of rehab…with a few friends that he met there. Kira just wants her life to go back to normal, without the three extra guests: Nonnie, Peach, and Saylor. As Kira tries to adjust to being back home, she soon realizes that it won’t go back to the exact same way.

                Since Kira had to move away during her sophomore year because of her dad’s abuse, she has to learn that people change over the course of eight months. Her ex-boyfriend is dating her best friend, her best friends don’t really like her anymore, and her crush, Alex, seems to like someone else. Kira’s life seems to be crashing down, when it all really just started.

                With the fact that a significant percentage of the population in the United States that are 18 or older are addicted to alcohol, I believe that this book can relate to many people, especially teens dealing with a relative of substance abuse. I liked this book a lot. It deals with real life problems (boyfriends, parents, death) and doesn’t try to make it a fairy tale. I would totally recommend this book to another person. It’s captivating, and it doesn’t hide real life issues. This book is perfect for someone who loves realistic fiction, romance, and/or a book that teaches you important lessons.  ~ Tori D.

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