Unicorn Day!

Today is Unicorn Day!

We have some pretty great unicorn books for those like myself who love fantasy and mythical creatures.


A Unicorn Named Sparkle

Lucy sees an ad for a mail-order unicorn and sends her money in. She then dreams about her future pet and all the great things they will be able to do together, but is surprised when what finally arrives is a goat. Will Lucy be able to make do with her new friend?

There is a sequel, so you can probably guess the answer. 🙂


Unicorn Dreams

Others aren't accepting of Dan's daydreaming until he entertains them with his vivid imagination and they see the true value of it.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Unicorn is better than Goat at many things, and Goat is jealous of Unicorn's many talents. However, Unicorn explains that there are things that make Goat unique and this makes Goat feel better.


Thelma the Unicorn

Thelma is a pony who wishes to be a unicorn. She puts a carrot on her head and an accident covers her in pink paint and glitter. People now believe that she truly is a unicorn. She has a taste of fame and questions if this is what she really wants.

Uni the Unicorn

All unicorns know that little girls are just make-believe, but Uni believes with certainty that they do exist.

This one also has a sequel

Using this list, you can find more unicorn books and books featuring other similar mythical creatures at the library! (Thank you Mrs. Jen for creating this list!)

Have fun and celebrate unicorns!