July is “Graphic Novels in Libraries Month”!

Booklist magazine has declared July “Graphic Novels in Libraries Month”, and for good reason: Graphic Novels offer a way of reading that is enjoyable and accessible. Especially for children, graphic novels offer an exciting avenue into the world of reading.  Whether you (or your children) are brand new to graphic novels or have been devouring them for some time, the growing wealth of graphic novel titles means there is a graphic novel out there for readers of all tastes, interests, and reading levels.

While many parents worry that graphic novels are not “real” books, we’re here to assure you that they most definitely are. In fact, readers who enjoy graphic novels engage their minds just as much as readers of traditional text-only novels, and they take on the additional challenge of reconciling the information they glean from the text with the context clues offered by the images.  However they’re usually having so much fun reading they don’t even realize they’re doing the extra work of engaging both sides of their brains!

So in honor of “Graphic Novels in Libraries Month”, let’s take a moment to look at St. Tammany Parish Library’s top 10 children’s graphic novels and graphic novel series for summer, 2019. Whether you’re a longtime graphic novel enthusiast or brand new to the genre, we bet you’ll find something to love on this list!

Summer 2019: STPL's Top 10 Children's Graphic Novels

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