Spooky Scary Comic Books

As October comes to a close, we know that this time of year is a great opportunity to discover new titles to satisfy your hunger for horror. Whether it's a lighthearted trick or a horrifyingly delicious treat, we have a variety of titles that may suit your reading needs.

From our juvenile collection, we have a couple of books that are light on the frights but give an overall fun and spooky vibe.

The Adventures of Scarygirl

That One Spooky Night

From young adults, here are some picks that range from a spirit-filled adventure story, to an anthology of genuine bone-chilling tales, to a gritty adaptation of Guillermo del Toro's acclaimed vampire fiction.


Through the Woods

The Strain

And from adults, we have a mix of paranormal fiction, visceral survival, and psychological horror--two titles written by authors familiar with the strange and macabre, and the other used as the basis for a successful television series.

The Sandman

The Walking Dead

Welcome to Lovecraft

Look for additional titles in our online catalogue and resources!