Will Eisner Week!

March 1st through March 8th is Will Eisner Week! It is an annual celebration honoring Will Eisner and all that he has done for the comic book and graphic novel community.  Born March 6th, 1917, Will Eisner dedicated most of his life to drawing. He was an accomplished illustrator whose great works include The Spirit and Comics…
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When Women Didn’t Count

March is National Women's History Month! To celebrate, we're bringing a new favorite title to your attention: When Women Didn't Count by Robert Lopresti. The book examines how women have been counted (and miscounted) in statistics throughout U.S. history. Did you know that women in nontraditional occupations were often not counted?  It was assumed that these…
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Women’s History Month

March marks Women's History Month. Once a public celebration that lasted just a week in Sonoma County, California, Women's History Month has now extended to a month to show how women have made a difference and contributed to society.  Take the time to get to know several different women who've changed the world with this…
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