Remembering Anne Rice

October 4, 1941 - December 11, 2021 In a year notable for the loss of many literary icons, New Orleans lost one of her own this past weekend. Anne Rice, author of The Vampire Chronicles and The Young Messiah passed away last Saturday. She was 80 years old. Born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien, the young…
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Historical News Articles: The First Known Cases of COVID-19

December 31 will mark the third anniversary of the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission’s report of a cluster of pneumonia outbreaks to the World Health Organization.  Though no one knew it at the time, these cases would go on to be the first documented cases of COVID-19.  Today reading the first mention of these cases in the…
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Sign & Symbol: The Tree

From Japan’s Sakaki trees…to the European Christmas tree: there are countless historical and contemporary examples of humans investing trees with symbolic meaning. (Hellerman 468) The tree has proven to be a rich source of symbolic meaning across human cultures. With branches that reach skyward and roots that extend below, there is a symmetry and a…
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